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why we love horseback riding

Why We Love Horseback Riding

At the Silver Spur Guest Ranch, we have a lot of horses and many trail riding opportunities. Though some of our guests may be a little nervous to ride a horse for the first time, all of them end up having a wonderful time. So whether you’re an old hand at horseback riding or a newbie, we thought you’d enjoy our list of reasons why we love horseback riding.


Being in the great outdoors


In case you hadn’t heard, The SIlver Spur Guest Ranch is located in the heart of Texas Hill Country, directly adjacent to the Hill Country State Natural Area. You’ll find an abundance of gorgeous natural trails where bluebonnets will be popping up all over in springtime. Simply getting the chance to breathe in the fresh air and see all that natural beauty is reason enough to go horseback riding in our minds!


Connecting with an animal


There’s no denying that horses are noble, beautiful creatures. And even people who are a little wary of them because of their sheer size, always melt when they meet the docile horses we have here at the Silver Spur. So go for a trail ride on one of our beautiful horses and learn what it’s like to connect with such a magnificent animal.


Getting some exercise


Horseback riding is a great core workout since you have to hold yourself up straight in the saddle for such a long period of time. Plus you can even get some cardio in if you go at a pretty quick clip. It’s definitely one of the more fun ways to in a workout!


Feeling a sense of calm


Horseback riding can be an incredibly meditative experience. Being out in the open air with nothing but your thoughts to keep you company, this can help relax your body and soul. It’s great if you need to de-stress for a little while–or a long while, depending on how long of a ride you decide to go on.


Learning a new skill


Even the most experienced horseback riders can get better. Horseback riding is a great skill to have and to cultivate over time. Who knows, if this is your first time riding, you may end up discovering a new favorite hobby!


It’s pretty clear to us why horseback riding is so great, but we’re sure you’ll come up with some additional reasons of your own. This is why we love horseback riding here at the Silver Spur Guest Ranch. It’s fun, calming, and just enjoyable overall. See for yourself by booking a trail ride or a weekend stay with us today!

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