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Summer Isn’t Summer Without Campfire Cooking

At the Silver Spur Guest Ranch, we love summer. It makes us nostalgic for our childhood days of running barefoot through fresh-cut grass as soon as we heard the tinny jingle of the ice cream truck around the corner. And as summer connoisseurs, if you will, we know one thing to be absolutely true: summer isn’t summer without campfire cooking. You don’t have to be on a dude ranch to understand just how great it is, but we’ll use our personal experiences as proof of this very important point.


Campfires are a staple of summer fun across the United States, but we’re particularly fond of it here in Bandera, Texas, the cowboy capital of the world. With our cowboy roots, it’s pretty obvious why we’re so crazy about campfire cooking.


First of all, it connects us with the past. We get to cook and eat the way many generations did before us. It offers a little window into what life was like back then, giving us a sense of unity and a better understanding of who we are and where we’re from.


Secondly, it’s cool. Campfire cooking can make just about anyone feel like a rugged Texas cowboy. The act of building the fire and then cooking a whole meal from scratch gives you a sense of accomplishment you just won’t get from cooking in a kitchen.


Another huge reason why campfire cooking is an integral part of summer is how good it tastes. You don’t have to be a sous chef to cook up some potatoes or hot dogs over a campfire and make it taste good. The natural wood smoke adds a unique flavor to the food that simply can’t compare to stovetop cooking. That flavor is the actual taste of summer. Savor it.


Lastly, you simply can’t have a real summer if you don’t have s’mores at least once. S’mores are the glue that holds summer together with their sticky marshmallowy sweetness, chocolatey decadence, and graham crackery goodness. You have to get chocolate smudged on your face and marshmallow on your fingers that sticks them together in order to really enjoy summer. And there’s no appropriate alternative for cooking marshmallows to roasting them over an open campfire.


So don’t let your summer not be a real summer. Don’t cheat yourself of the best thing about this time of year. Book a stay at the Silver Spur and we’ll do all your campfire cooking for you while you gaze into the leaping flames, smell the woody smoke, and enjoy this incredible season the right way.

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