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how to build the perfect campfire

How to Build the Perfect Campfire

Building the perfect campfire is a treasured art form here at the Silver Spur Guest Ranch. You have to get the perfect blaze going to roast marshmallows for s’mores or tell stories to your kids. And even though our staff can do the work for you during your stay with us, it’s a great skill to know in general. Because unfortunately, you can’t spend every day the the Silver Spur! So here’s our quick round-up of tips to build the perfect campfire.


Prepare the fire pit


The first step to getting a good fire going is preparing your fire pit. If you’ve had fires in it before, there’s probably going to be leftover ash, etc. Clear all that out. Ash prevents your fire from getting enough oxygen and will make it burn out sooner. It can also make it pretty hard to get a blaze started at all. So make sure your fire pit is completely cleared out and totally dry.


Gather your materials


First of all you’ll need a couple split logs or branches to be the slow-burning fuel for your fire. Make sure they’re fully dry and try to go for ones with little to no sap, since this can make the logs harder to catch fire. You’ll also need tinder, which is something dry and fast burning like paper. You’ll also need kindling, which is smaller branches or sticks. The idea is that you’ll light the tinder which will help get the kindling going which will burn long enough to light the main fuel logs.


Set up the wood


There are a couple of different ways to set up firewood, but there are some general principles you should follow. Make sure that you allow for airflow to get under the fire. Don’t just throw the logs on top of each other haphazardly. One of most popular set-ups is the teepee formation, which involves leaning the main logs against each other and setting up the tinder and kindling around this formation.


Light it and enjoy
All that’s left now is actually lighting the fire! If it’s taking a little while to really get started try blowing on the sparks. The oxygen will help it really catch. Once it gets going, pull up a chair and started roasting some marshmallows!

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