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Texas longhorn

Facts About Texas Longhorn Cattle

One of the nice things about dude ranches in Texas is that they’re full of cool animals that you might not normally see. One animals that is commonly found at a Texas dude ranch is the famous Texas longhorn. At the Silver Spur, we know a lot about the Texas longhorn since we have several. So here’s our list of facts about this particular type of cattle!


Overall Appearance


The Texas longhorn has short hair that doesn’t grow much in wintertime. They also have small ears in contrast to their characteristically giant horns.The cows have slimmer more “feminine” looking necks, whereas the bulls have thicker, more masculine necks. They also have long legs than other cattle breeds, meaning they can cover greater distances.




The Texas longhorn is known for its distinct color. It can be many different colors, but the most common is a combination of dark red and white. Texas longhorn calves can be completely different colors than their mothers, making it difficult to determine whose calf is whose.




Texas longhorn cattle are most known for their gigantic horns. Their horns curve outwardly, away from their heads and can measure up to 8 feet in length once the cow or bull is fully grown. Interestingly, the length in horns can vary depending on the age of the animal.




Different breeds of cattle are bred for different purposes. Some are bred for their mild and others are bred for meat. Texas longhorn cattle are bred for their meat. Their meat is very lean, which means it is low in fat and cholesterol and is healthier for you than fattier meat.




Texas longhorns are considered to be a medium sized breed of cattle. The bulls can weigh anywhere between 1500 and 2200 lbs and cows weigh between 850 and 1300 lbs. They’re not known for being very large or muscular, but some breeders prioritize size over others.


The only way to really experience what Texas longhorns are like, though, is to see some for yourself. So book a stay at the Silver SPur Ranch today and get a look at our beautiful Texas longhorn cattle!

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