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5 Ways Ranch Animals Are Great for Kids

One nice thing about dude ranches in Texas like the Silver Spur is that they’re full of ranch animals like donkeys, longhorns, horses, and more. And that’s why so many kids and parents love getting the chance to stay at a Texas dude ranch. There’s something about spending time with animals that deeply affects people, especially children. Here are 5 ways ranch animals are  great for kids.


1. Learning


Studies have shown that children feel more confident around animals, particularly in regards to learning. They feel free to make mistakes and trip over their words because the animal’s affection is unconditional. That’s part of why therapy animals are so helpful to children with mental disabilities.


2. Comfort


There’s something about hugging a big, mellow horse or petting a loving dog that is extremely comforting to anyone who is grieving or lonely. That’s why kids love spending time at dude ranches in Texas. It gives them the chance to pet and interact with animals, granting them a unique sense of comfort.


3. Nurturing


Spending time with animals, whether it’s at a Texas dude ranch or in their own home, is extremely beneficial for a child’s nurturing instincts. Fostering a kid’s desire to care for and protect an animal helps them grow into strong, empathetic adults. It ensures that you’re raising someone who will stand up for the less fortunate and potentially grow into excellent parents as well.


4. Health


Spending time with ranch animals at the Silver Spur can actually strengthen your child’s immune system. Experts believe that prolonged exposure to animals helps kids’ immune systems because it exposes them to germs that they wouldn’t otherwise encounter, enabling their body to learn how to fight them off.


5. Bonding


Parents and kids can build much stronger bonds over a shared love for animals. Going horseback riding together, visiting dude ranches together, and even having a family pet can all help parents and kids grow closer.


So do yourself and your kids a favor, and book a stay at the Silver Spur Guest Ranch today. Your kids will love all the ranch animals at this cool Texas dude ranch, and you’ll love the benefits they have for your kids!

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