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5 Reasons You Should Visit an Authentic Ranch

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5 Reasons You Should Visit an Authentic Ranch

At Silver Spur Guest Ranch, we firmly believe that everyone should visit an authentic ranch at least once in their lifetime. Now we understand that we may be just a little biased in regards to this, but we actually can back up this claim. If you don’t believe, just check out these 5 reasons you should visit an authentic ranch.


  1. Horseback Riding

Horseback riding on an authentic ranch is so different from your typical trail ride. At Silver Spur, all of our horses are well-trained and excited to perform their job. Plus when you go horseback riding at an authentic ranch in Texas Hill Country, you’ll get to see sweeping views of gorgeous Texas scenery while you’re at it.


  1. Campfires

Yes, we know you can have campfires just about anywhere. But if you have a campfire on an authentic ranch, you’ll immediately realize it’s superior for a couple of reasons. First of all, you can meet and connect with other guests at the ranch that you wouldn’t have spoken to otherwise. Plus, you’ll get to listen to (and join) one of Silver Spur’s cowboys singing a number of fun songs.


  1. Cowboy Breakfasts

There’s nothing quite like a freshly made cowboy breakfast cooked outdoors where you and your friends or family can gather around and eat together. Sometimes trick ropers even make an appearance at our cowboy breakfasts here at Silver Spur.


  1. Hiking

Our miles of beautiful trails here at Silver Spur Ranch aren’t just for horseback riding. They’re also great places to hike and enjoy the scenery at your leisure. Serious hikers and newbies alike will love trekking along these gorgeous trails!


  1. Unplugging

Our favorite part of going on vacation at an authentic ranch is taking the time to unplug. Turn off your phone and enjoy the natural beauty around you. Doing this helps you put things into perspective and help you reevaluate your priorities in life.


So you see there are many reasons you should visit an authentic ranch. But we think the most important reason of all is how much fun it will be. See for yourself by booking a stay at Silver Spur Ranch today!

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