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people love dude ranches

5 Reasons People Love Dude Ranches

Dude ranches have been around for centuries. Visitors love the novelty and ranch owners love having guests, so it’s a win-win. But what is it that ceaselessly draws people to dude ranches? After all, they’re popular tourist destination and wedding venues for a reason. We came up with a list of 5 reasons people love dude ranches to help explain their popularity and show you what’s so special about dude ranches, and more specifically, the Silver Spur Guest Ranch!


  1. History


The first thing you should know about why people love dude ranches is the fact that everyone likes to get a view into history. We get nostalgic for different, simpler times. So there’s something special about being able to step back in time and experience ranch life. Of course, we still take advantage of inventions like electricity and running water, but the general experience and atmosphere remains the same, making it a fascinating experience for people who haven’t been on a ranch before.


  1. Animals


A lot of folks who visit dude ranches have never seen a Texas longhorn or domestic donkey before. The Silver Spur is crawling with adorable animals, making it paradise for animal lovers! The Silver Spur is home to chickens, dogs, cows, horses, and more! What better place to take your kids for summer vacation? Everyone loves the animals at the ranch.


  1. Bonding


Spending time together at a dude ranch is a great bonding experience for families, friends, or couples. There’s something about the atmosphere at the Silver Spur that brings people together. Whether they’re enjoying the delicious cowboy breakfasts together or they’re going on a long trail ride, people always get closer after a stay with us!


  1. Novelty


The sheer novelty of going on vacation at a dude ranch is enough to draw people in. There’s something exciting about trying something completely new and taking a leap of faith hoping you’ll enjoy it. Although it’s no leap of faith to stay at the Silver Spur. Our guests always leave with smiles on their faces!


  1. Fun


Lastly, dude ranches are pure fun. It’s impossible not to have fun in a place like the Silver Spur with its Junior Olympic swimming pool, organized trail rides, hay wagon rides, delicious home cooked food, and more! The fun is endless here.


Find out for yourself why people love dude ranches by booking a stay at the Silver Spur today. Whether it’s for a family vacation, business retreat, or wedding, a visit to the Silver Spur Guest Ranch is always enjoyable.

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