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horseback riding in texas hill country

5 Perks of Horseback Riding in Texas Hill Country

Dude ranches are known for their horseback rides, but we happen to know that Silver Spur offers the best ones around. Why, you might ask? Well because we give you the opportunity to go horseback riding in Texas Hill Country. You see, we’re not just any Texas dude ranch. We offer a full-on cowboy experience to our guests! So check out our lists of 5 perks of horseback riding in Texas Hill Country.


  1. Scenery


You can’t talk about Texas Hill Country without bringing up its breathtaking scenery. This area is known for its seasonal bluebonnets, hilly landscape, and fascinating caverns. It also happens to be home to the beautiful Silver Spur Guest Ranch, where you can stay the night or just book a day’s worth of horseback riding. Horseback riding in Texas Hill Country allows you to see all of this natural beauty this area has to offer.


  1. Weather


It’s true Texas gets hot in the summer, but that’s why the Silver Spur has a Junior Olympic pool where guest can cool off. Plus the flip side of this means that it almost never gets too cold to go horseback riding around here. So no matter when you book your stay at this unique Texas ranch, you’ll almost certainly be able to go horseback riding while you’re here.


  1. Trail Rides


We offer guided trail rides for newbie riders, so that taking on one of the many Texas Hill Country trails isn’t as daunting. It also makes it a more social experience, giving you a chance to meet other dude ranch visitors and learn a little about your guides as well. It’s a nice, relaxing way to experience horseback riding in Texas Hill Country.


  1. Wranglers


Our experienced horse wranglers are wonderful guides and take excellent care of our horses here the Silver Spur. You can be certain you’re in good hands with them! You can also be certain that our horses are treated like royalty under their fastidious care.


  1. Bonding


The final perk of horseback riding here is the bonding experience. Whether you come alone, with a significant other, your friends, or your whole family, horseback riding together is a great way to bond and grow closer. Plus it gives you a chance to bond with and get to know our sweet, mellow horses.


At the end of the day, words can’t fully express how wonderful horseback riding in Texas Hill Country is. You simply have to do it for yourself by booking a stay at a Texas dude ranch today–namely, the Silver Spur Guest Ranch!

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